The Monogram Club Children's Subscription FAQ

Everything You Want to Know About
The Monogram Club for Kids

What is it?

The Monogram Club for Kids is a special club Only for those who love monogramming and personalized products.  By Becoming a member/Signing up for The Monogram Club Children's Subscription you receive a box each and every month delivered straight to your door.  Inside each box you will find items monogrammed with YOUR CHID'S initials.  Think of it as the gift of monogramming that keeps giving the whole year long!


What's Inside each Monogram Club Children's Box?

Inside each of The Monogram Club Monogrammed Children's Shirt Subscription you will receive the following products:

  • One unique Child's Applique or Embroidered Shirt monogrammed with YOUR child's initials or name.

    • Give us your child's birthdate and we will substitute that months shirt with a special birthday designed shirt!  
    • In order to get the birthday shirt in time, you MUST BE ACTIVELY subscribed TWO MONTHS beforeyour child's birthday month, as it will ship on the 1st of the month BEFORE your child's birthday month.))
    • Example:  your child's birthday is August 2nd.  You must have an active subscription and signed up no later than June 14th in order to get the birthday shirt because the birthday shirt will ship in July's box on the first. This way your child will have their shirt early in time for August.  August's shirt will be the standard shirt.
  • OR Get the Mommy & Me Combo Subscription and get matching shirts for your child and you each month. Get the COMBO HERE!
    • Mommy's shirts have the same design as the child's but with mom's name/initials.  
    • Design is on the Left chest or bottom corner of the shirt.

What are the Benefits?

 The unique Monogrammed Children's Shirt Subscription either by itself or as the Mommy and Me Combo subscription is a way for you to get a brand new shirt for your child or you, personalized with the latest trends and colors with their monogram or name.  We design a BRAND NEW design every month just for this program.  You get it first before they are placed anywhere for sale on our site.  Each month is themed based upon the season and holiday it falls in, so you will always be in trend.  With the Monogrammed Children's Shirt Monthly Subscription, you will always have a fresh, neat monogrammed shirt for any occasion and best of all, WE NEVER SHIP THE SAME DESIGN TWICE!

 With all this you will ALWAYS have something NEW and exciting delivered right to your door!  Perfect for pictures or showing off at school!  You can't go wrong.

When you sign up for any of The Monogram Club Monthly Monogram Subscriptions you also get 10% OFF *EVERY item from Online shop as long as you remain a member!

For just $26.99 - 39.99 a month subscribers will get boxes worth up to $35-$55 of items from Bangles And Bags! You are saving up to 30% OFF the regular retail price of these most popular items!

Be the Mom that makes every other mom jealous when your child has the cutest custom shirt just for them every month.


How Much Does It Cost?

The Monogram Club Children's Monogrammed Shirt Subscription currently costs $26.99 per month plus tax if you live in North Carolina.  Shipping is FREE.

The Monogram Club Mommy & Me Monogrammed Shirt Subscription currently costs $39.99 per month plus tax if you live in North Carolina.  Shipping is FREE.


What Else is Included with My Subscription?

As long as you remain a subscribed member you will ALSO receive the following every month that you are subscribed.

  • 10% OFF all other purchases from
    You will receive a special code to use on ANY other purchase online to save you 10% at any time.  (*Excludes Gift Cards and other Subscriptions)
  • Our Monthly email with discounts and other specials just for members.
  • Access into our Facebook Group where you get to vote on what items will be included in upcoming boxes. 


What is the Value of the Products in the Box?

The exact amount in each Monthly Monogram Subscription Box varies each month, but we guarantee that you will receive at minimum a value of $30.00-50.00 retail.  What this means is that for $26.99 you receive over $35.00 worth of monogrammed goods saving you nearly 30%!  You will not find a better deal anywhere.


How Much is Shipping?

Completely FREE Shipping comes with all of The Monogram Club Children's Monogram Subscriptions.  You may also choose to pick up in our store for FREE as well to receive your order faster.


Can I Pick Up My Box In Store?

Yes locals to our shop in Gastonia, NC can pick up their box each month and can save time in shipping.  Otherwise you can have it delivered to your door for FREE.


When am I going to Be Billed?

You are billed immediately when you place your first order.  Then after you receive your first box, you will be billed on the 15th of the next month and each month afterwards.


When will My Box Ship?

As long as you place your order before the 14th of the month, you will receive the Next months shipment.  Shipments ship between the 1st and the 5th of each month.  

Example: So if you place your order on August 5th, You will not receive a box until September 1-5th. Then on October 15th you will be billed again for Octobers Box which will ship on November 1-5th.


What if I don't like what's in the box?

Because the items are personalized with your initials, we do not offer returns, exchanges or refunds on The Monogram Club Subscriptions or any products inside.  That being said we strive to fill each box with only the best products that we believe everyone will love.  If you absolutely hate what's in your box, email us or go online and adjust your future subscription at ANY TIME.


What if I Didn't Receive My Box or Have other Issues?

Contact us immediately by email at:


How do I Change or Cancel My Subscription?

Click the little icon at the top of the page that looks like a person, or if on mobile click the "My Account" Link in the Menu.

You can also visit this page: to access  your account.

Once in your account you can update, make changes, or cancel your subscription easily.



*Excludes Gift Cards and other Subscriptions