Custom 3D Photo, Finger Print, Hand Print, Foot Print & Paw Print Memory Jewelry


    What happens when you bring brilliant and talented graphic artists together with state-of-the-art, custom-build laser photo engraving systems? You get a room full of laser photo geeks producing results that will positively knock your socks off. The amazing resolution and crystal clarity of our laser engraved photo pendants, rings, bracelets, key rings and earrings is uncanny. They make the perfect personalized gifts for every occasion or no occasion at all. Wedding photos, baby photos, BFF photos, graduation photos, vacation photos… just about anything worth remembering can be captured forever.

    These are our finest selection of fingerprint, baby footprint and baby handprint jewelry, including necklaces, rings, bracelets, keyrings and more. The quality of our people print jewelry is stunning. The print is embossed deeply into the metal of these heirloom-quality charms with a promise to last indefinitely.

    And Unlike other brands the print quality is promised for life. If the print quality ever degrades, we will replace the piece free of charge.

    18 products

    18 products