Bangles & Bags Ambassador Dashboard - Payments Tab

The Payments Tab 

The Payments Tab

The Payments Tab is exactly that.  This is the place you can see where we paid you, how much is pending for you, and what method you want to get paid.

Payments Summary Section

If you changed your payment settings on the settings tab, then you don't have to worry about changing it here.  Otherwise if you ever want a quick access to modify it, just click the payments method link to change it.

Payment Method Link
Now on to the final tab.  The Pages Tab..  We saved this training for last, because it is mainly used by our more advanced Ambassadors to create amazing pages to help them sale products or welcome guests with video and more.
So if you choose not to continue, you should have the basic knowledge to start earning money now.  Otherwise if you want to be an advanced Ambassador and take it to the next level, let's continue!
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