FUMI purse hooks are a multi purpose Handbag accessory!
    FUMI = Fashionable, Unique, Multipurpose, Innovation
    FUMI is the Original Pursehook, Purse Accessory, and Bangle Bracelet ALL IN ONE!

    These cute little FUMI handbag hooks can be used in 3 ways:
    1) FUMI purse hooks securely hold your purse onto a table keeping your handbag clean and off the floor
    2) FUMI Handbag Hooks can be worn as a beautiful and stylish bracelet
    3) FUMI bag hooks can stay on your purse to give your bag that extra Gorgeous Accent

    The unique patented hinged opening allows FUMI to hang securely on even the thickest tabletops.
    FUMIs 100% recycled Rubber helsp grip to any surface.
    FUMI is made from recycled metal making it eco friendly.
    FUMI will NOT fall off your handbag straps due to overlap.
    No need to dig for it at the bottom of the handbag, it's ALWAYS at your fingertips!
    FUMI Classic Purse Hooks can hold bags up to 25lbs (Average woman's handbag is 5.2lbs)

    Keep your handbag off the floor, protecting it from germs, dirt, and water damage with ULTIMATE FUMI Handbag Hook!

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