Your Monogram, Your Brand

Monogrammed Towels

Your Monogram, Your Brand

So what's the one thing you always remember about famous brands like Coke, Louis Vuitton, Lee Jeans, and Coach?
Their Logo. Everyone, these days, is a brand. If you blog, tweet or are even on you tube, you know that your image is who you are, what you like and what you stand for.

Logo's don't have to be just designs, most are simple monograms or letters. Ever heard of Gucci with its little G's, Chanel with its C's, and Louis Vuitton with its LV's.

Monogrammed pantsYour initials are your brand; your logo. You can have your initials put on nearly any item these days; from clothing to candles. The fact is Monogramming has gone mainstream.

What used to be thought of as elitist (think silver cups and napkins) has now become a trend that any of us can enjoy.

The goal today however, is to modernize monogramming so that it not only shows off your personal style, but also remains timeless.
Simple advancements in printing and embroidery machines have allowed us to design personalized style that fits each person's unique persona.
Monogrammed Goods
Gone are the days when the only thing you had personalized was your wedding silver. Now there is no better way to give your home design than having embroidered hand towels.

So why monogram your items?
The fact is that having your initials on an item shows off your brand. Like the G's all over your Gucci bag, your monogram tells the world who YOU are.
Those little initials show that you're not only trendy, but timeless.
You are not afraid of WHO YOU ARE and you want the finer things in life. After all, isn't that what a brand is meant to be?

Monogrammed BloomersBy getting monogramming you are making even the mundane unique. Anyone can get a tote bag, but when you add a monogram to the front you are saying this is MY BAG, hear me roar!
That bag is unique to you and no other will have one exactly like it. That monogram signals to the world that you put extra time and thought into your purchase and you know what you want.

Don't take my word for it.
Think about which greeting cards you receive in the mail you notice instantly, or the clothes you pay attention to when your out and about.
You see a thousand rain jackets on a rainy day, but you notice the black one with the hot pink monogram on the chest!
You check your mail everyday, but your eye is drawn to the letter that is sealed in the monogrammed stationary.
Monogrammed Totes
The world is full of duplicates, but you have the power to be unique and special in your own way. Be your own brand, know who you are and don't be afraid to add a monogram to any item to make it uniquely yours!

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