So what’s One of the Hot New Trends for Spring & Summer 2018?


Our team just returned from the mart this January. Twice a year the Bangles and Bags team spends a week searching the newest products, styles and trends to bring back to our boutiques. We generally must forecast the next season’s trends long before you ever see them on the shelf. So what is one of Spring 2018’s hottest upcoming Trend?

While a lot of the classic 70’s styles have remained this year, the biggest newMermaid Trends trend is Definitely Mermaids and ocean. From Tails to jewelry, everything for spring will be centered on those bold sea colors of Blue and teal green. To combine this you will see a ton of colorful outfits with darker shades of indigo, Purple and aqua. The fish prints are still big this season and look great when paired with these darker sea colors.

You will see many new prints and designs centered around the mermaid design.Mermaid Tail 
Even home decor is taking its cue from this hot new trend. Mermaid blankets, lamps and art are taking over in the home decor department. These styles still pair great with sea shells and that rustic look we have all come to love. 

But don’t worry, if you can’t seem to channel your inner Ariel there’s still some basics from last year that will still look great with ocean based color accents. From a sea foam solid dress to indigo necklace to coordinate, you really can’t go wrong. Also if you are still recovering from last year’s unicorn colored rainbow, you can still use a few of those items and just mix in some new sea trends.

Mermaid Colors Maxi DressOverall our team was less impressed with the new trends as we see them as being temporary, but we still love the aqua and bold blue green colors. Our fashion forecast just says to be safe and only dabble in the Mermaid trend, but not over do it unless the little mermaid is your favorite character of all time.

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