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Jelly Bath Ultimate Bath
JellyBath or Jelly Bath spa treatment

What is Jelly Bath?
Well, Jelly Bath is truly a unique spa treatments experience. JellyBath turns water into luxurious encasing comfort which provides the ultimate relief for stress and aching muscles. Add JellyBath to warm water and it becomes a translucent, fluffy, jelly which will retain its heat up to four times longer than water. Jelly Bath is a virtual bath blanket with aroma therapeutic benefits!

Who Uses Jelly Bath?
Wonderful Jelly Bath was developed in Japan, However now JellyBath is available in the US. Spas and salons all over the country are currently offering Jelly Bath spa treatments to their customers. JellyBath is utilized as a pre-soak for pedicures and manicures. A complete Jelly Bath is also offered at day spas, resorts and hotels to customers seeking a soothing and deep cleansing experience. JellyBath is a treasured experience in home throught the world!

Jelly Bath for $100 per Foot Soak!

Jelly Bath for $100 per Foot Soak!

Luxury Seekers at SPA V at the Hotel Victor (Miami Beach, FL) let relaxation go to their heads through their toes - with the Gold Bubble Jelly Bath Pedicure ($100 for 60 min). 

Inspired by the bubbly appeal of champagne, the treatment incorporates our JellyBath!  First, old polish is removed and nails are trimmed and shaped.  Next a tub is filled with hot water and Jelly Bath Powder.  The Jellybath thickens as clients move their legs and feet through the solution and a foot and leg massage is performed.  The therapist then pours a refreshing glass of champagne and a dash of maica gold, a substance that naturally assists in removing impurities from the skin and leaves a luminous, sparkling effect into the tub.  Heels are then massaged with a handmade brown sugar scrub, cuticle remover is applied and cuticles are shaped.  As Jelly Bath cools, each foot and leg is rinsed and dried, and a paraffin mask is applied to further soften the skin.  Toes are then polished and clients are left ready to reveal their glittering gams and fancy feet. 

As you can see Jelly Bath is a unique product that you can do at home for a fraction of the price, or you can visit Hotel Victor for treatment of Jelly Bath.  Remember a Jelly Bath tub soak will do approximately 40 Pedicures per Box!

Jelly Bath is a great way to relax!  Try Jellybath today and encase yourself in a luxurious, enveloping jelly.

Jelly Bath Find your happy!